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長らくお待たせ致しました。THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS 公式オンラインショップいよいよ明日2/15(金)昼12時より(12:00pm )開業致します。商品詳細などの情報は明日12:00pmオープン後、ご覧頂けます。是非チェックして下さい。2/15〜2/28までオープンキャンペーンを実施致します。Premium TK Series ご購入の方にはTHREE KINGDOMS OVERALLSオリジナル真鍮クリップを進呈致します。Standard 359 Series ご購入の方にはTHREE KINGDOMSOVERALLSオリジナル馬蹄型キーリングを進呈致します。是非この機会にご利用下さい。今後とも変わらぬご愛顧の程宜しくお願い致します。

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS will open the Official Online shop at 12:00 pm, Friday, 15 February 2019. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long. More information about our denim products can be found on our Official Web Site then. 

We’ll offer SPECIAL GIFTS on the ONLINE purchases made from 15 February to 28 February. 

THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS original Horseshoe Keyring, which is worth 1600 JPY will be given on the ONLINE Standard 359 Series purchases during the period of 2/15~2/28. 

THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS original Brass Clip, which is worth 3200 JPY will be given on the ONLINE Premium TK Series purchases during the period of 2/15~2/28.

You are all welcome to THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS online shop! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Thank you for your sustained support.


THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS官方網店將於明日2月15日中午12點正式開業。

2/15~2/28期間於官網購買Standard 359 Series的顧客將免費獲贈本店價值1600JPY的原創復刻版馬蹄形鑰匙圈一枚。

購買Premium TK Series的顧客將獲贈本店價值3200JPY的原創復刻版黃銅夾一個。